NPA Data Science validation

The validation event for the new NPA in Data Science takes place on Thursday, 16 May. The qualification is the first of its kind. It’s an exciting prospect to teach data science and Machine Learning as part of the school curriculum.

The purpose of a validation event is for a group of independent experts (the validation panel) to scrutinise the proposed qualification. The panel considers the aims of the award, its structure and how it’s assessed (among other things). The panel will be chaired by Professor Ruxton of St Andrew’s University.

If you have a spare couple of minutes, let us know what you think about the proposed award by completing this short questionnaire. So far, the results have been very supportive.

We hope to have the award validated and “operationalised” by June and available to centres from August for delivery during session 2018/19. A few centres have already expressed an interest in delivering it next session but we’re looking for more volunteers so please let Lorraine know if you’re interested in offering this new qualification next year.

In the meantime, you can see the (pre-validation) Group Award Specification here.

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