New term checks

It’s the time of year when centres begin to deliver our qualifications. There are some checks you should carry out before commencing teaching. We sometimes receive requests for help from centres that have delivered the wrong units. You can avoid that by doing the following.

Begin by checking the subject page for any qualification that you’re delivering. The subject page provides all of the information that you need about each qualification — including a link to the Group Award Specification (GAS), which defines the current award structure. Then check the unit specifications for each of the units within the qualification. It’s a good idea, at the start of each term, to download the GAS and each of the unit specs.

For example, last year we revised NPA Digital Media, which involved revising all of the component units, and updating the subject page. So, if you’re delivering this award this year, you should visit the subject page, download the Group Award Specification, and check all of the component units.

We maintain qualifications on an on-going basis and mistakes can be made if you use last’s year’s information since the qualification might have been revised, which would lead to your learners doing the wrong units.

Of course, you can keep up to date with developments by subscribing to this blog or contact us directly if you need any assistance.

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