National Units in Data Skills

It’s been a while since I updated you about this development. At that time, I told you about our plans to develop three new National Units:

  • Data Skills (SCQF Level 3)
  • Data Skills (SCQF Level 4)
  • Data Skills (SCQF Level 5).

We commenced development on these units in July. However, when we shared draft versions of the unit outlines, we got mixed feedback from people. As a result of that feedback, I consulted about the contents of the units with a wide range of interested parties. That took quite a long time but I’m pleased to let you know that the outlines have now been revised and the unit writer (an experienced teacher) has recommenced work on the unit specifications.

The units will be based on the outlines, which you can see here, if you want to know what’s coming. I hope to validate these units before Christmas and have them available to centres from January next year. I think that these units could be very popular in schools and colleges.

Please contact Megan for more information.