Lead Person Network

The Lead Person Network (LPN) met yesterday afternoon. The LPN, as the name suggests, is a network of people representing every college in Scotland. We use it to communicate with colleges and get feedback from practitioners. Every college has a designated lead person.

Lead Person Network LPN diagram

The LPN diagram is explained below each topic within the diagram is listed, Sector Panel, QST, LPN and EVs

The LPN is one of three SQA committees that help me and my team carry out our duties.

The Sector Panel provides strategic advice about the IT sector and consists of representatives of industry, business, universities, colleges, schools and national agencies. The Qualification Support Team (QST) provides practical advice about what needs to be updated and what support is needed in centres; members are selected from colleges, schools and training centres. The final piece in the diagram is the team of External Verifiers (EVs), who ensure that national standards are maintained in SQA centres.

We’re always looking for new members for all of these committees (including the team of EVs), so please contact Megan if you want to find out more or volunteer to help.