Groupspaces is closing

I’ve been notified that Groupspaces is closing on 2 April. That’s disappointing news since we’ve been using the (free) service as a mailing list for a number of years. Members of various committees (such as the Sector Panel and Qualification Support Team) and various project teams (such as HN Next Gen) have been using it to communicate and collaborate. We’ve used a number of these services over the years, starting with E-Groups (around 20 years) ago and including services such as SmartGroups. They’ve all eventually stopped providing the service.

We’re currently looking at internal and external solutions. Once we find one, we’ll migrate most (not all) of the existing groups to the new service. If you’re a member of any committee or project team, we’ll be in touch to tell you more about our plans in the (very) near future. We’d appreciate your patience while we carry out the migration.

Please contact Helen for more information.