External Verifier (Quality Assurer)

One of the most important roles served by SQA is to check the quality of delivery in centres. This role is carried out by External Verifiers, who work within cognate groups. There are three cognate groups in Computing:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Digital Literacy
  3. Information Technology

There’s a team of verifiers for each cognate group (membership often overlaps).

An External Verifier (EV) is typically an experienced teacher, lecturer or trainer. The role is paid and contracts last for one year. The work is part-time and flexible. Training is provided. We typically advertise for new EVs twice a year, around April/May and August/September. SQA’s current vacancies (for all positions) are available here.

The EV role is ideal for anyone who wants to gain experience of educational quality assurance — and it looks good on your CV! Pre-Covid the role involved travelling to centres but, more recently, it’s carried out mostly (not exclusively) online. EVs are also sometimes involved in international travel.

Please contact Megan if you want to know more or want to apply to become an EV. The team maintain a register of interest so that you’ll be contacted when suitable vacancies arise.