Certify Scotland – Unlimited free MOS to SQA centres until 30 June 2016

Prodigy Learning and Microsoft are offering unlimited free MOS exams to SQA centres in Scotland this May and June to Certify Scotland!

All SQA centres in Scotland are being offered the opportunity to register and deliver unlimited MOS exams for free (to registered students at their Centre) until June 30, 2016! As part of the campaign, Prodigy Learning is providing eligible SQA centres:

• Free registration and setup as a Certiport Test Centre
• Free unlimited GMetrix MOS Practice Tests (until June 30, 2016) for delivery to registered students
• Free unlimited MOS Exams (until June 30, 2016) for delivery to registered Students at the Centre

This opportunity is ideal if centres are contemplating delivering MOS with the revised PC Passport in 2016-2017.

For more information about this campaign, please visit www.certifyscotland.com.

All SQA Scottish …

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PC Passport survey

One of the conditions from the recent validation event for PC Passport was to consider different structures for the qualification. The QDT presented their preferred structure but the Validation Panel suggested possible alternatives, and asked the QDT to get feedback on a number of possible options.

So, to that end, I have created a short survey, suggesting three possible options. …

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Cyber qualifications in the news

Following last week’s launch event, the new Cyber Security qualifications have been in the news. Today’s Herald has an article about them and the Scottish Government has been promoting them too. SQA has made a YouTube video to encourage schools to offer them.

There has been a great deal of interest in these new qualifications. Many schools are offering one or more of them alongside more traditional qualifications, and several colleges are offering them as part of the National Certificate.

The presentations from last week’s launch event are now available. You can download them here.

We’re here to help if you are currently offering the qualification or considering it. Please contact Helen for information …

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The team started to use FAQs for new or revised qualifications last year, when we created one for the Digital Passport development. Since then we have created FAQs for all  subsequent developments such as PC Passport and Cyber Security. They’ve proven to be popular since they address the most common questions about new developments such as “What’s in it?” and ” …

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Cyber security workshops

I’m speaking today at a workshop, in Glasgow, organised by Education Scotland. The event is intended to raise awareness of the Cyber Security Badge, designed by Kyle Academy and Police Scotland, and the new NPAs in Cyber Security. There was a fantastic turnout, with standing room only at the event. There is clearly a lot of interest in this area.

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