Assessments for NPA Cyber Security and NPA Data Science

I received feedback on the quality of the assessments for NPA Cyber Security and NPA Data Science late last session, so the team undertook a review of the assessments to see what could be improved. We hired a couple of teachers to lead this work.

The outcome of that is that we will not review the assessment for Cyber Security but we will review the assessments for Data Science. NPA Cyber Security was introduced in 2015 and will be reviewed in the not too distant future. The current assessments were considered adequate for the time being. We’ll look at the whole qualification (content and assessment) when we review it. NPA Data Science isn’t due for review any time soon so I decided that we should review these assessments, based on the feedback from centres. I plan to review the item bank and practical assessments. Please note that additional assessments for NPA Data Science were created in May (available on SOLAR) so there’s a choice of assessment for centres.

The review of assessment for NPA Data Science will take place in early 2022. Please contact Megan for more information about this or any aspect of this qualification.