Annual team meeting

Once a year, me and my team take a day out to discuss how we do things and how we can do things better. We had our annual team meeting yesterday and discussed a range of things including:

  • the qualification development process
  • how to improve the quality of qualifications
  • our communication and collaboration tools
  • how to reduce the time it takes to develop qualifications.

Our processes have evolved over a long period of time, so they’re pretty mature and robust. But we made a few tweaks to them yesterday that, we hope, will improve things in the future.

Most of the time was spent on our internal processes but we did make one decision that will affect you directly. We currently use a range of communication and collaboration tools such as this blog, Twitter, Groupspaces and Yammer. Some work better than others. So we decided to scale back our use of Yammer, which hasn’t worked out as we hoped. We’re not going to close the SQA Computing Yammer network but we will scale it back. If you’re a member of the network, you will find out more via¬†Yammer.

We also discussed what works well. We’re pretty pleased with the scale and scope of the current portfolio of qualifications. Recent additions include cyber security, data science, AI, machine learning and Blockchain. We’re also pleased with the large number of people who get involved in our developments.

Most of what we agreed to do at the meeting are behind the scenes changes but, hopefully, you will see the improvements over the coming year.

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