Support material for NPA Cyber Security

I recently mentioned that we had received special funding from the Scottish Government to develop support materials for the NPAs in Cyber Security. I’m now in a position to give more details.

The money will be used to develop teaching and learning material for the NPAs at all three levels. This material will include: a teacher’s guide, learning materials for pupils and students, and a list of existing resources that can be used to deliver the awards. We’ll also provide advice about how to get started with the awards (in terms of technical requirements, etc.). We’re aiming to develop material that permits any school or college to pick-up-and-go with this award.

It’s early days in this project but we hope to have material to trial with pilot centres in early 2018 and final versions, available to all centres, by mid-2018. We’re currently looking for people to join the development team so please consider getting involved. We’ll provide training so don’t worry if you’ve not done something like this before. Please contact Emma if you want to know more or get involved.

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[…] recently mentioned that we received Scottish Government funding to develop teaching and learning material for NPA […]


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