NPA Digital Media and Web Design

The Qualification Development Team (QDT) for these awards met, for the first time, on Saturday. This single QDT is going to revise three awards:

  1. NPA Digital Media Basics (SCQF Level 4)
    NPA Digital Media Editing (SCQF Level 5)
    NPA Web Design Fundamentals (SCQF Level 5).
  2. These awards are quite popular, particularly the Web Design award, which has a good uptake in schools. But the QDT felt that they all had potential to be much more popular if they are updated and streamlined. The existing awards were criticised for being a bit dry and repetitive, with too much assessment. So, we’re aiming to make the awards more appealing – and a lot more fun to do. Digital media is a very exciting space right now and we hope to make the revised awards equally exciting.

One of the changes we immediately agreed is to drop “Basics” and “Editing” from the Digital Media awards. So the revised awards will simply be called NPA Digital Media at SCQF Levels 4 and 5. We also agreed to put the component units into a “hierarchy” so that each award, at each level, has the same structure. And, of course, simplify the assessment. We also considered including the existing NPA Digital Media Production at SCQF Level 6 in this development, and I’m currently taking that forward. If we do, the revised award would span SCQF Levels 4, 5 and 6.

It was a highly productive meeting and I’m looking forward to getting down to creating the actual awards, which we hope to have available to centres for February 2018. Please contact Emma if you want to get involved in the development or want more information about it.

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