Vocational qualifications in 2020-21 – update for parents and carers

22 March 2021 - sarahmacgregor - Categories: Awarding 2021 Programme, HNVQ, Parents

Qualifications 2022

Many school learners will be studying for vocational qualifications – such as National Progression Awards or Skills for Work courses which are often part of Foundation Apprenticeships – through School-College partnerships (or similar) this year.

If so, they may be assessed through an alternative process developed for these qualifications in 2020-21.

This is separate to the Alternative Certification Model being used to result National Qualifications this year.

Unlike National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications which are Graded Courses, these vocational qualifications are typically awarded on a Pass/Fail basis.

The process for assessing vocational qualifications this year may be based on a broader judgement made by teachers and lecturers, focussed on meeting the aims of awards.

Your child’s school or college will be able to provide further details on how vocational qualifications will be assessed this year.

The education system across Scotland is committed to working together to support learners and teachers to complete these awards in 2020-21. We will keep you up to date about what we are doing at a national level to support this, and to ensure consistency across Scotland.

You can stay up to date on 2021 Higher National and Vocational Qualifications on the SQA website and on Twitter, using #HNVQ2021.

Higher National and Vocational Qualifications 2021 Group

*The Higher National and Vocational Qualifications 2021 Group is represented by the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES), Colleges Scotland, the College Vice Principal Forum, Developing the Young Workforce (DYW), Educational Institute of Scotland – Further Education Lecturers’ Association (EIS-FELA), the National Union of Students (NUS), the Scottish Funding Council, the Scottish Government, the Scottish Training Federation, Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Skills Development Scotland (SDS), and Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland (SPARQs).

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