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Jane Henderson, New Product Development Manager, reflects on the development of assessment support in The Next Generation of Higher National (NextGen: HN). 

June 14, 2024 - SQA - Categories: Uncategorized

NextGen: HN

We have published an SQA Academy module on assessment support in NextGen: HN. It focuses on assessment fundamentals and is the first in a series which will explore assessment in practice alongside assessment innovation. 

We have developed a new set of design principles for NextGen: HN Certificates and Diplomas. With this, we have committed to fewer and larger units, to increase opportunities for meaningful learning and teaching and to reduce assessment load. Practitioners can look at all the units across their qualification framework to find opportunities to combine assessment, to integrate assessment and to realistically mirror the workplace or academic challenges that lie ahead for learners. Assessment tasks have a degree of flexibility which can be used to take account of specific local contexts, such as partnership with a local employer, or known progression routes into work or further study. 

In this context, previously developed assessment support packs are no longer an effective way to illustrate approaches to assessment.   

We held a webinar with our pilot centres in October 2023 about assessment support.  We worked with practitioners who hosted workshop discussions and a mentimeter poll was used to find out what our colleagues wanted next. The results of the poll were clear. Colleagues requested more materials, more collaboration, and more illustration. The series of assessment support SQA Academy modules have been created in response to this feedback.  

You can access our SQA Academy module on assessment support on our website.

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