SQA’s Quality Network Week brings employers and training providers together

The opportunity to learn and share ideas saw employers and training providers (ETPs) from across Scotland come together for SQA’s inaugural Quality Network Week.

22 October 2021 - SQA - Categories: Employer & Training Providers

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What happened during Quality Network Week?

Dr Gill Stewart, SQA Director of Qualifications, welcomed delegates to the virtual event, which she said was one of the ways SQA is showing its continuing commitment to supporting and working with employers and training providers.

Dr Stewart outlined the programme for the week, which consisted of 13 workshops providing delegates with subject-specific information on courses including Computing; Management; Financial Services; Customer Service and Business & Administration.

There were also broader sessions updating attendees on the ongoing support available from SQA such as the delivery of online assessment through SOLAR, and on the recently launched SQA Centre Hub, which provides an easy way for centres to upload evidence and access useful guides, templates and updates.

In addition, there were sessions covering Quality Assurance, and on SQA’s work with Skills Development Scotland on the development of Foundation and Modern Apprenticeship frameworks.

Other sessions through the week gave delegates the opportunity to share their experiences over the last 18 months, including how they approached the challenges of remote assessment.

The sessions saw representatives from up to 80 employers and training providers embrace the chance to learn and collaborate. In feedback following the event, delegates expressed that they found the sessions engaging and informative, and that they had gained fresh perspectives and ideas.

Resources from several of the sessions will be published on the SQA website over the next couple of weeks.

How else is SQA engaging with employers and training providers?

SQA understands the importance of supporting and engaging with all its stakeholders, particularly at this time when the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause uncertainty.

Through our new Employer and Training Provider Forum, we will hear directly from our centres about challenges they are facing, and their ideas for, and feedback on, SQA’s response to these. The Forum had its inaugural meeting in September and will meet on a quarterly basis.

Centres that are not members of the Forum will have the opportunity to engage as part of a wider collaborative group. More information on this, as well as other opportunities to engage with SQA, will be communicated in due course.

Visit the SQA website for more information on support available to employers and training providers, or contact our Customer Support Team.

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