Nitrogen Budget for Scotland

Towards a Nitrogen Budget for Scotland
In November we hosted a seminar entitled ‘A Nitrogen Budget for Scotland’, which was very well attended by a mix of representatives from the scientific, farming, public, and environmental sectors. Thanks to our friend and film-maker Peter Ross, we are able to share the videos of the presentations made by Prof Mark Sutton and …

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Peas Please

Peas Please: our campaign for more VEG advertising
Peas Please will very soon be launching a new campaign calling for more veg advertising, please take part! On 18th January, we will cover British high streets, schools, and other iconic venues with the veg advert that won a competition we ran last year. We are doing this because although vegetables are …

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Oxford Real Farming Conference

Last week we again went down to the annual Oxford Real Farming Conference –the inspiring and ever-growing gathering of the UK food movement, with this year, interestingly, a Q&A with Michael Gove. The Secretary of State for the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs held a very encouraging discourse. However, his tone was rather different across the street at the Oxford Farming Conference in front of all the big farmers and agro-industry – as discussed by Natalie Bennett here.

There was a good delegation from Scotland too, and Pete Ritchie hosted a session on the up-coming Good Food Nation Bill, asking participants from across the UK what they would want to see in the Bill. Ideas raised included statutory “local food policy councils” and true cost accounting for food. All the session recordings will be made available on …

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