New webinar for Scots Language and Scottish Studies Awards

As part of our 2021-22 Understanding Standards webinar series, we are running a webinar for teachers and lecturers of our Scottish Studies and Scots Language Awards on Tuesday 18 January 2022 from 5-6pm.

The webinar will give you an opportunity to discuss Understanding Standards matters for these awards with our External Verification team members and staff, and have your questions answered. We encourage you to submit questions in advance.

Before taking part in the webinar, please watch our recent pre-recorded Scottish Studies and Scots Language Award webinars, which are on the SQA Secure website.

You can book a place on this webinar here.

If you have any queries about this event, you can contact us at Kirsty.Mitchell@sqa.org.uk (Scottish Studies) or Antonia.Morrison@sqa.org.uk (Scots Language).

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