Wee Windaes

The National Library of Scotland has launched a major new website which aims to raise awareness of the richness and depth of the Scots language.

The Wee Windaes project was developed by the National Library of Scotland and the Scots Scriever,    Hamish MacDonald, as a showcase of the use of Scots language in many different forms including song, folk tale, scripture, satire, drama, fiction and poetry.

The website is available in Scots and English and is based on a series of ‘windaes’. Each contain a link to more information about the various texts, most of which are being made available online for the first time.

The earliest work on the site is ‘The Buke of the Howlat’, a performance poem from the 1440s.

At present the most recent items on the site date from the late 20th century. However there are plans to add more authors and texts to the site throughout 2017, including works from the present day.

This is a fantastic resource, which is well worth investigating, and also returning to regularly.



Jamie Fairbairn

Excellent resource. Hamish MacDonald visited Banff Academy today and explained it to us. Looking forward to using it with Scots Language and Scottish Studies pupils.

Joyce Gibson

Thanks, Jamie, I agree it’s a fantastic resource, and I see Hamish has just Tweeted very positively about his visit to Banff Academy.


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