Braw Scots Words

Last week, The Daily Record published an article featuring their 10 most beautiful Scots words – these things are always subjective, but it’s a good selection.

This got me thinking – what’s your favourite Scots word? There are so many uniquely descriptive and wonderful words to choose from, but obviously we have to keep the blog clean so nothing naughty please!

I was fair pleased to see coorie is the first choice in the article.  Another big favourite of mine is wheesht, but there are so many other wonderfully descriptive words in the Scots leid, so coorie in, and share the best with the blog.







I like the word “trachle” or “trauchle” meaning hard work or hard effort. My English and I use it regularly. I don’t know where it comes and sometimes wonder if it is related to the French “travailler”


my fav scots wurd is scullery and wheesht, my granmaw fur ya


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