Scots Language – Oor Wullie’s Bucket Trail

Hello…a’m pleased tae meet ye!

I’m the new Qualifications Officer responsible for Scots language, with the very difficult task of following the one and only Malcolm Wilson in blogging about all things Scots.

I thought I’d begin with a light hearted story – one which you may already be aware of, but worthy I felt of a post.

Sunday Post perennial and Scots speaker Oor Wullie is celebrating 80 years of mischief this year and to mark the occasion his hame toon of Dundee has created Oor Wullie’s Bucket Trail.  This is a charity art project featuring over 50 Oor Wullie figures designed by local and international artists.

The 5ft figures have been placed throughout Dundee and a trail has been published online, together with an app.

The trail is taking place until 27 August, and during this time 10 additional figures will be going on tour throughout Scotland.

On 13 September all of the figures will be auctioned, with proceeds going to the Archie Foundation’s Appeal, for a new twin operating theatre paediatric surgical suite for Tayside Children’s Hospital.

In addition, an Education Programme has been created to encourage children to learn different Scots words and phrases.  The website has a resource pack which includes activities that can be used in lesson plans, and tie in with the Curriculum for Excellence.

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Rosemary Richey

Hi Joyce,
Tried the link to get the Educational Resources. It did not work. Any chance you could ping them over to me?
much thanks,


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