Young Scots Writer of the Year Award 2022

Are you a Scots writer with stories to share? Or a teacher working with young writers we should know about? Enter the Young Scots Writer o the Year Award.


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New Writers Awards: Scots Applications – Scottish Book Trust

The Scottish Book Trust’s Scots New Writers Award is open tae applications in ane o three categories: Fiction and Narrative Non-Fiction, Poetry and Bairns’ and Young Adult Fiction. Ye can anely pit in for the ae category.

Deidline is Wednesday 13 July at noon.


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New webinar for Scots Language and Scottish Studies Awards

As part of our 2021-22 Understanding Standards webinar series, we are running a webinar for teachers and lecturers of our Scottish Studies and Scots Language Awards on Tuesday 18 January 2022 from 5-6pm.
The webinar will give you an opportunity to discuss Understanding Standards matters for these awards with our External Verification team members and staff, and have your questions answered. …

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Scots in Schools

Scots in Schools is a free new Scots language online resource for pupils, teachers and parents.

Learn aboot the Scots language and tae read and write in it and aw on Scots in Schools.


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The Scots Language Publication Grant

The Scots Language Publication Grant is open for applications. Submissions close 7 April, midday.

Funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Scottish Book Trust, the Scots Language Publication Grant was created by the Scots Language Resource Network to support Scottish publishers to publish and promote work written in Scots. The grant is designed to cover publishing costs such as editing, …

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Mak Forrit: Scots an Ither Leids

This is a really interesting resource showing Scots words that are similar across different languages.

And while you’re there, check out articles from different scrievers, audio files and links to other fascinating resources. Oh, and give the crossword a go!


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Free Online OU Scots Language and Culture Course

Part 2 of the Scots Language and Culture Course is now available. Or, if you haven’t tried Part 1 yet, it’s still available so give it a go!

This course teaches aspects of Scots, one of the three indigenous languages spoken in Scotland alongside English and Scottish Gaelic.

This is not a conventional language course – it teaches the Scots language through the culture where it is spoken, underlining the role of Scots in Scottish …

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Burns On The Beach Event

Visit Burns Hame Toun of Ayr and celebrate Burns On the Beach!

Head to the iconic pier end of Ayr beach and experience Robert Burns as you never have before with this heart-warming evening of unique light and sound attractions. Courie in and embrace the winter beach vibe as you enjoy the bonfire warmth and capture a flavour of our …

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