Podcast returns….

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all doing well and enjoyed a well deserved summer break.

Apologies that its been a bit quiet on the blog front but things have been a bit crazy. However, we’re looking to get things back up and running with another episode of the podcast – this time i’ll be joined by our Deputy Principle Verifier, Martyn Shields.

Given it’s been a while since we’ve posted on the blog we thought it might be worthwhile to give you the opportunity to identify any topics/questions you have with regards to the MHW award that we will then discuss on the podcast? This will hopefully prove to be a helpful support tool for centres delivering the award this session.

Please add your questions/thoughts as a comment below and we collate these and discuss them in the podcast.


Calum 🙂


Marion Darling

Thanks for the update Callum that’s great.


Thanks for the update. Just wondering if the Level 6 MHWB course will be released and available for delivery?


Hi Hannah,

The level 6 award is still in development at the moment and will be available for delivery next session. We will look to get the materials online as soon as possible in the new year to allow centres to plan for delivery.



My comment relates to SQA SOLAR. Delighted to see there is the option of candidates doing an assessment for the Influences on Mental Health & Wellbeing unit via SOLAR. Is there any way of getting to see what this looks like prior to scheduling for a pupil? Is it the same as the paper version, but just online?
Also, it says the other 2 units will be made available on SOLAR before the end of 2020 – is there an update on their progress at all? Thanks.


Hi Pam,

The other 2 level 4 units will be available on SOLAR very soon – we’re in the final stages of development at the moment. There’s been a delay with this due to the difficult circumstances we’ve all been facing over the last year or so.

The SOLAR assessments are different to the ASP’s available online. I’ll send you an email with some support on viewing the assessments.



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