Changes to Advanced Higher Biology course content from next session

We have published details of the revised course content for Advanced Higher Biology that we are introducing from session 2019-20. The document ‘Advanced Higher Biology: revised course content’ is available from the Advanced Higher Biology page of our website, and outlines both the mandatory knowledge that will be covered in the course and the depth of knowledge required.

View the revised course content for Advanced Higher Biology

As we previously advised in our high-level summary of changes to Advanced Higher Biology, we have made some changes to the course content in response to feedback from teachers and lecturers, and in keeping with the changes to National 5 and Higher.

This course content will also be included in the revised course specification document that will be available by the end of April, and in the course support notes. We will publish the course support notes, specimen question paper and coursework assessment task between the end of May and the end of September 2019 as these materials are finalised.

Please note that we will not be publishing a course comparison document.

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