In the sciences, candidates can gather extracts of information during the research stage of their National 5 or Higher Assignment.

An extract must be:

  • Chosen by the candidate – they must select what information to extract
  • Verbatim – it must be a direct copy, which can either be a printout, photocopy or handwritten (and word for word)
  • From an internet/literature source – not from class notes that the candidate has made; candidate notes of any description are not permitted.
  • Checked by the teacher or lecturer to ensure that it is an extract, and not notes or a draft

There is no size limit on an extract – it is at a teacher or lecturer’s discretion to decide whether the information the candidate is bringing to the report stage could be classed as an extract – however it must be an extract, and not the full document.

It is not appropriate for SQA to specify the maximum size of an extract, given the range of resource sizes candidates will be looking at. As the purpose of extracts is to support candidates in writing about the underlying science, complete textbooks cannot be used as they may contain other information such as calculations, conclusions etc.

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