Changes to National Qualifications: Grading and Recognising Positive Achievement

The Deputy First Minister has written to SQA to clarify further aspects of the future assessment arrangements for National Courses at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher as discussed at the Assessment and National Qualifications Group. These changes will apply to National 5 from 2017-18, Higher from 2018-19 and Advanced Higher from 2019-20.

At this stage, there are two significant changes for stakeholders and centres to note:

  • The grade scale for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses will be extended below grade C to recognise a broader range of learner achievements. The details of this change are still being discussed with the Assessment and National Qualifications Group and we will communicate further information once the change has been finalised. Any change to grading below grade C will be implemented alongside the assessment changes to National 5 (2017-18), Higher (2018-19) and Advanced Higher (2019-20).
  • As units and unit assessment are to be removed as part of the revisions to National 5 courses, the current Recognising Positive Achievement arrangements will no longer operate between National 5 and National 4 from 2017-18. Recognising Positive Achievement will operate in session 2016-17 but that will be the last year of this arrangement.

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