New HN Science Assessment Support Packs (ASPs)

New HN Science Assessment Support Packs (ASPs) have recently been published.  These ASPs have been developed to support the delivery of the new HN Science Units.

The following HN Science ASPs have now been published on SQA’s Secure Website –

  •      Animal and Plant Cell Culture: An Introduction (H920 34)
  •      Applied Biochemical Techniques (H91T 34)
  •      Biochemistry: Theory and Laboratory Skills (H922 34)
  •      Biology: An Introduction (H923 33)
  •      Biotechnology: An Introduction (H926 34)
  •      DNA and Genetics (H929 34)
  •      DNA Molecular Techniques (H92A 35)
  •      Human Body Structure and Function (H92C 35)
  •      Human Metabolism (H92D 35)
  •      Inorganic Chemistry: Theory and Laboratory Skills (H92Y 34)
  •      Instrumental Techniques 1 (H930 35)
  •      Microbiology: Theory and Laboratory Skills (H92G 34)
  •      Physics 1 (H93D 33)
  •      Physics 2 (H93E 34)
  •      Protein Structure and Function (H92J 35)
  •      Thermodynamics and Kinetics: Theory and Laboratory Skills (H938 35)

To access the ASPs on SQA’s Secure Website, please contact your SQA Co-ordinator.

Additional HN Science ASPs are being developed and they will be published in the coming weeks.  For further information, please contact Kirsty –

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