HN Science Qualification Support Team (QST)

In order to ensure that our qualifications remain fit for purpose, SQA has HN Qualification Support Teams (QSTs).  The HN Science QST acts in an advisory capacity, and it is practitioner driven with a focus on addressing current ‘live’ issues.  The HN Science QST will meet at least once a year.

It is essential that all Colleges with a Science provision are represented on the HN Science QST.  Some members of the HN Science QST may have recently left their College due to College mergers or it may now be the case that the current HN Science QST member may not be the most appropriate representative of the newly formed College.

SQA will shortly be contacting all Colleges with a Science provision to seek nominations to be part of the HN Science QST / to sense check that the most appropriate representative of the College is part of the HN Science QST.  In the meantime, if you are interested in representing your College on the HN Science QST please contact Kirsty –

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