Ushare Resources

Ushare is a new platform that allows users to share links to learning and teaching materials online.

Ushare is available now for a number of SQA subject areas including Health and Social Care.

There is a link on the Health and Social Care page to Ushare and it can also be accessed directly by going to the Ushare web site.

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SVQ 3 Youth Justice extension

The SVQ 3 Youth Justice award (G9YL 23) was due to lapse today.  SQA had contacted all centres delivering this award to check if the award was still required.

Feedback from the centres indicated that there was still a requirement for the award.  This feedback led to SQA Care team putting in an extension paper to SQA Accreditation.

The extension paper …

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New Qualifications

SQA Care team have developed and validated two new qualifications.

The first is the the PDA in Working with Carers and Young Carers at SCQF level 7. This PDA is intended to enhance professional practice in a range of settings. It can be used as evidence of post-registration training and learning (PRTL) and continuous professional development (CPD) in social services and health professions, or it can lead to progression to further education courses, such as the HNC in Social Care. To ensure a consistent benchmark for progression to other qualifications, the PDA is mapped to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) at SVQ Level 3.

The PDA consists of one mandatory unit and two optional units.  Learners must select the mandatory unit and one of the two optional units to acheive the award.  For more details on the award please visit the product page;

The second award is The PDA in Health and Social Care: Promoting Enhanced Professional Practice at SCQF level 8.

This PDA is designed for generic and profession-specific …

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Dementia Skilled – Improving Practice Learning Resource

SQA Care team met with the SSSC on the 19th June to discuss the guidance for Dementia Skilled Practice.  The SSSC are going to be revising the guidance as the resource has been revised.

The current guidance and resource can still be accessed via the following links.

The links to the current Dementia Skilled Level Resource and the Guidance are as follows:



The guidance can be used for the PDA in Promoting Excellence Dementia Skilled Practice

The SSSC will be holding focus groups to assist with the review.

The task of the focus group/s will be to revise the above-named guidance so that the content is current and so that all those involved in delivering, assessing and supporting learning in relation to the Dementia Practice Skilled – Improving Practice Resource can help learners to gain the maximum benefit from their learning experience.

This initiative in revising the guidance is about helping workers to:

Reflect on their practice and make connections in their learning
Generate evidence of their learning
Make links to National Occupational Standards (NOS) which can assist their progress in achieving Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) and the Professional Development Award (PDA) in Promoting Excellence in Dementia Skilled Practice; and, most importantly —
Develop their practice so that those who are living with dementia, and their carers, can expect the highest quality of practice from workers who are providing them with support.

To assist in the task of revising the guidance the SSSC are scheduling 4 focus groups …

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