Launch of the Age Friendly Academy

Strathclyde University launched their new Age Friendly Academy last month, focusing on those aged 50+ wishing to continue their lifelong learning experiences. The AFA addresses demographic challenges and opportunities which arise from this section of society’s learning needs, health, wellbeing, societal contribution and employability.

The AFA brings together activities already being delivered at the University, as well as exploring new opportunities for collaboration both internally and externally all aimed at promoting positive ageing.

This includes:
■Teaching and Learning
■Research and Innovation
■Intergenerational Work
■Employability and Enterprise
■Community Engagement

I attended the launch on 2nd May and met a number of 50+ learners who were keen to develop their skills further, including one lovely lady of 74 who was hoping to achieve a Masters Degree. There was a great deal of excitement about the launch of this unique learning opportunity and I am sure we will hear many positive stories over the next few months from those who have signed up for the activities.

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