Digital Housing Showcase event

The digital housing showcase event was held at the Wheatley Academy premises in Glasgow on Wednesday 8th February. SQA were invited to participate by setting up a ‘stall’ in the main venue and also facilitating a group discussion forum during the event.

Organised by the Wheatley Group and supported by SCVO, it was very well attended with representation from housing authorities from all over Scotland; numerous stalls were available from digital partners including Google Garage, DigiKnow, the Blackwood Group, Digi-Pal, Glasgow Kelvin College, RNIB and many others.

The discussion forums were all very successful with good feedback being provided both verbally and in writing on the notice boards dotted throughout the venue. The SQA discussion group posed a question on providing digital skills for staff, led by myself but ably supported by 2 digital volunteers and a representative of the Wheatley Environmental Team who are the recipients of volunteer support.

There was a very positive buzz on the day and it was a great opportunity to network, share ideas and form new partnerships. I came away with some very positive feedback on our digital learning guides and a whole bunch of new contacts for future collaboration.

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