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Since their launch in March, the Digital Learning Guides have been used by a number of organisations who are helping to ensure that they reach the right people. Charities, housing associations, local authorities, supportive companies – all are using and sharing the guides amongst their customers, staff, volunteers and service users.

One of the more recent companies to recognise and use the guides is an online organisation called UCanDoIt; they are a UK-wide resource-sharing charity who have added the Learning Guides to their catalogue of available resources and shared the link on social media. You can see their Facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/UCanDoIT-107230395964754/

We are delighted that so many people value our learning guides enough to share them with their wider audience; again we would urge you to visit the learning guides web page (http://Digital Learning Guides) and try them out for yourself. We welcome all feedback and comments.

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i agree with your taught, by the way very good post


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