Digital DNA

The Digital Leaders lecture in December was given by Jaqueline de Rojas, Advisory Board member, presenting an 11 point plan of opportunities for UK to become a significant digital nation.

There were no surprises.

Existing technology is available to all of the UK and can be harnessed to overcome risks of social exclusion through all the reasons we already know about – whether geographical, age, disability, or income related.

There is a skills challenge: 2 million digitally skilled workers required by 2020. The education system is not responsive enough. Industry needs to do more to nurture talent from a much younger age rather than wait for talent to ‘rock up on their doorstep’. We will need analysts, developers, administrators and project managers;specialist skills in cyber security and big data as well as creative application of digital skills across all sectors.

We need to demystify job roles and inspire children to take up tech careers through passionate role models, scale up the reach of successful learning programmes and continue to help teachers develop the culture of embedding technology through CPD, awareness of resources and more industry involvement in classrooms.

Watch and listen to Jacqueline’s lecture:


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