Newbie at SQA

Hi everyone

My name’s Melanie Girvan and I’m the new qualifications officer for:

  • Hairdressing
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Complimentary Therapy and
  • Make Up Artistry

I’m very excited to be a part of this dynamic and enthusiastic team.

I’ll be looking to make regular posts to update where I can, and answer any questions on our subjects.

Please share any ideas with me on the blog.

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Looking forward to your comments and questions.


Hi Melanie,
I didn’t realise you had just started in this position, I look forward to working with you.


Thankyou for joining the blog Donna

nicola paterson

Thanks for the update , goodluck in your new post for hairdressing , Beauty therapy , Complementary Therapy and Make up artistry qualifications officer .


Thankyou for joining the blog Nicola


Welcome looking forward to your updates 😊


Melanie are there any other blogs for SVQ Beauty or HN Beauty or comp therapies ?


Hi Julie, Thanks for joining the blog. There are blogs for other subjects within SQA, but this is the only blog for SVQ Beauty or HN Beauty or comp therapies.


Good luck in your new post, I look forward to meeting you.


Thankyou for joining the blog Liz

caroline cullen

Good luck in your new post and I look forward to meeting you


Caroline, welcome and thank you for joining the Blog

Caroline Macdonald

Good Luck in your new post, look forward to the updates 🙂


Thankyou Caroline

Carol Lee, Flexible Learning, Denny HS

Looking forward to your updates and the results of your recent meeting. I am looking to work with local businesses, in Denny, Falkirk and surrounding area, to deliver Beauty and Hair qualifications whilst pupils gain valuable work experience. Could you maybe get in touch and we can see whether you can make this happen more easily for me! Thanks, Carol.


Hi Carol, Thankyou for your comment, I will email to make our contact easier


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