Validation panels for NPA Data Science and HND Cyber Security

We’re looking for members for the validation panels for NPA Data Science and HND Cyber Security. Although both developments are on-going, we’re getting to the stage, particularly with the HND, when we will be selecting people to serve on the respective validation panels.

The validation event is a vital stage in the qualification development process. The panel consists of experienced and independent stakeholders, who have not been involved in the development, who will scrutinise the proposed awards and make a judgement about what, if anything, needs to be changed. Some really useful changes can be made to qualifications as a result of validation.

Validation panels consist of teachers, lecturers, trainers, employers, practitioners and others with a special interest in the qualification. The event normally lasts a half day and is either held in the SQA offices in Glasgow or a local hotel.¬†Members are not paid for their time but travel and accommodation is paid. Don’t worry if you’ve never served on a panel before. There’s a first time for everything. The only condition is that you have not been actively involved in the development of the qualification. Please contact Lorraine if you’re interested in the NPA Data Science or contact Caitlin about HND Cyber Security.

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