Update on new Higher Nationals

Regular readers will know that Computing is one of the pilot areas for the development of new types of Higher National (HN) awards, part of SQA’s Next Generation of HN awards. I first announced this development in February. Since then, a Qualification Development Team (QDT) has been formed (consisting of over 30 representatives of colleges, schools, universities and employers) and met a couple of times. We’ve also selected lead developers for each qualification.

The leads have been busy over the summer, creating frameworks for each of their respective awards. We’re developing new frameworks for the following qualifications.

HNC Computing
HND Computer Science
HND Data Science
HND Networking & Infrastructure
HND Software Development.

These new awards will be based on new design parameters and will look different from existing qualifications. Among other changes, they will have fewer and bigger units — and include “metaskills”, based on Skills Development Scotland’s Skills 4.0 framework.

Right now, we’re busy designing the new frameworks, which are shaping up well. I hope to have draft frameworks ready in the next few weeks. When we finalise these, we’ll get down to writing the contents of each component unit. Once we have complete prototypes, we’ll pilot the new awards in August 2021.

Please contact Helen if you want to know more about this development.

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