Teaching and learning material for data science

Since my previous post about this, I’m pleased to let you know that the Data Education in Schools team, within the University of Edinburgh, has been selected to develop the additional support materials for NPA Data Science.

The new materials will come in two parts. An Educator’s Guide will provide advice to teachers about getting started with the qualification (such as the software that you’ll need and how best to timetable the course) and a Learner’s Guide, which will cover all of the outcomes and performance criteria in the mandatory units (Data Science and Data Citizenship) at Levels 4 and 5. The single document will cover both levels but clearly signpost what is Level 4 and what is Level 5 — permitting learners to progress to Level 5, even if they start at Level 4.

This material will add to the existing support materials. There are assessments (on SOLAR) for the mandatory units (at Levels 4, 5 and 6) and we recently developed additional assessments for some of the optional units.

Data science isn’t (only) for scientists. It’s for everyone. The materials will be designed to appeal to all learners, whether they want to be data scientists or hairdressers. The Data Education in Schools team recently created a video to explain what’s in the NPAs and why they should appeal to everyone.


Given the focus on blended learning in the coming months, the availability of this material will help schools and colleges deliver the NPAs flexibly. The materials will be provided in Word and PDF formats and will be available in August. Please contact Emma for more information.

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