Staff changes

As regular readers will know, Claudia recently left the team to commence teacher training. Claudia was covering for Helen during her maternity leave. Claudia’s replacement commences today and will be with the team until Helen returns next Spring. Caitlin is a recent graduate who was working in the private sector before starting with SQA.

Emma stops on Friday (7th) to commence maternity leave. Emma will be replaced by Lorraine, who currently works for SQA but in a different area from Qualification Development. Lorraine will cover for Emma until next Autumn. Lorraine doesn’t start until early next month but will gradually transfer from her current role to this new role between now and then.

Both Caitlin and Lorraine will introduce themselves (via this blog) once they have settled in. I will also update who-does-what so that you know who to contact for help and support. If you’re in any doubt, e-mail and someone will pick it up.

During the transition period, we might be a bit slower to respond than normal and I’d ask you to be patient during this time. The changes might also have an impact on the target dates for some developments.


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