SQA values

The Qualifications Development Autumn conference was held yesterday in Glasgow. This annual event provides an opportunity for SQA staff to get together to reflect on things and plan for the future. I attended a number of workshops, one of which was about SQA’s values. Our values are:

  • Trusted
  • Enabling
  • Progressive.

We normally score highly in external surveys for trust and equipping people but less highly for innovation, which was borne out at the workshop (SQA staff think likewise).

I plan to discuss these values at my next team meeting to find out if there are ways that we can improve in these respects. Some years ago, we tried annual satisfaction surveys to find out what you did – and didn’t – like. But I stopped these when the response rates fell. Overall satisfaction was very high so, perhaps, people just got bored saying the same thing. But restarting these annual surveys is something that we’ll consider.

In the meantime, please use the comments if you have any suggestions about how we could improve in any of these regards (trust, enabling or innovation) or drop us a line at computing@sqa.org.uk.


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I have just recieved my exam results and read an article in the herald newspaper this morning which showed SQA exam passes at their highest rates ever. Do we think the exams are getting easier or are the teachers and pupils just a lot better prepared than before. https://mobiledevelopmentcompany.app/usa/florida/


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