SQA committees

As part of the induction for the new staff members, I’ve been discussing the various committees that help the team do our jobs.

TheĀ Sector Panel consists of employers, educationalists, professional bodies and special interest groups, who provide strategic direction to the team about the sorts of qualifications that we should develop.

The Qualifications Support Team (QST) consists of practising lecturers and teachers, who advise us about the sorts of support materials that are needed and help us to maintain existing qualifications.

Qualification Development Teams (QDTs) are used to create new qualifications. These teams consist of teachers, lecturers, employers and others, who help us produce new awards. These teams come and go, depending on what is being developed at any point in time.

The team of External Verifiers consists of practising teachers and lecturers who ensure that national standards are consistent across the country. We also use the EV group for advice about assessment issues.

TheĀ Lead Person Network (LPN) consists of one person from each college, who serves as the main point of contact between SQA and the college. We also use the LPN for advice about various aspects of our work.

The Quality Network consists of training centre representatives, who deliver vocational awards such as SVQs and CBQs. The Quality Network meets once per year and is used to support training centres.

We’re always looking for people in help us so please consider volunteering for one (or more) of these committees. Although membership is not paid, we do pay for any work that we carry out as a consequence of a committee’s decision. Most of the work of a committee is virtual, meaning that the physical time spent attending meetings is small (normally once a year).

Please contact Lorraine if you want to know more about the work of any committee or volunteer for one.

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