Qualification portfolio update

I’ve updated the portfolio diagram with a couple of recent changes, the main one being the development of PDA Data Science, which I recently announced. You can download the diagram here.

I know that many schools and colleges plan their curriculums around this time of the year, so I’d like to highlight some things that might interest you. NPA Cyber Security is a few years old but it’s growing exponentially (particularly in schools). So, if you don’t already deliver this qualification, that’s worth considering for next year. We recently introduced two new qualifications: NPA Data Science and HND Cyber Security. Although there has been a great deal of interest in the new data science award, it arrived later than I hoped — too late for many schools and colleges to offer it this year. So that’s also one to consider for next year. Finally, we’re working on two developments right now (PDA Cyber Security and PDA Data Science) both of which will be available from early next year.

You might want to download and print the diagram so that you can see the full suite of awards, which will help you choose the best qualifications for session 2020/21. Please contact computing@sqa.org.uk if you want any help or advice.

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