PDA Software Development validation

The validation event for the new PDA in Software Development took place yesterday in the SQA offices in Glasgow. The validation panel consisted of representatives of colleges, universities, employers and SQA.


The purpose of a validation event is for a group of independent experts to scrutinise a new (or revised) qualification. I’m pleased to report that the panel liked the proposed award, describing it as “needed” and “very good”. Some improvements were suggested (but none that related to the structure or contents of the award). The lead developer and I will action these suggestions in the coming weeks. The component Units aren’t quite finalised yet so these need to be validated before centres can offer them. I hope to have both tasks done by the middle of January and have the qualification available to centres from 1 February.

The award is, in fact, a suite of qualifications (in a hierarchy):

  • PDA Software Development (SCQF Level 7)
  • PDA Software Development (SCQF Level 8)
  • PDA Software Development (SCQF Level 9)

I think that these awards will be popular in centres and help to address the skills gap in programming. Please check the FAQ for more information about the qualification or contact Helen. My thanks to the members of the Validation Panel and QDT for helping to create this new qualification.


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