PC Passport update

I’ve received a few enquiries about the review of PC Passport so I thought that it would be a good time to provide an update. PC Passport was originally introduced in 2004 and first reviewed in 2007. We commenced the second review in 2013.

This second review was “parked” for a while since it was decided to split the development into two: one to develop a new suite of qualifications entitled “Digital Passport” and one to update PC Passport. Digital Passport was completed in 2015, when we re-commenced the review of PC Passport. The validation of PC Passport took place in November. Since then the Qualification Development Team has been addressing the validation conditions, one of which was to consult on the structure of the qualification. We’ve also validated most of the Units in the revised award.

Although the review of PC Passport has taken a lot longer than planned, I think we’ve done the right thing to produce a brand new suite of awards that focus on┬ádigital literacy (including social media and information literacy) and, separately, updating PC Passport without making too many changes to its contents. The revised PC Passport goes back to basics — separate Units on Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations (but focussing on the latest collaborative features of these applications) and a much simpler structure, like the original (2004) award. Another new feature is strong links with Microsoft Office Specialist so that, effectively, the new PC Passport and MOS cover the same things.

Digital Passport is available now. PC Passport will be available to centres in May. The component Units are available now. You can find out more about these awards by reading the Digital Passport FAQ or the PC Passport FAQ or by contacting Helen.


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