NPA/NC Computer Games Development review – Update

The review of the NPA Computer Games Development is progressing well. The units have all been written and validated. The next stage is house styling and operationalising the units. This should be done within the next few weeks. All revised units should be available for delivery by end March.

No changes have been made to the titles of the units. However, given the significant changes, the units will require recoding.

Once the units have been published, the group award will require validation. As the structure of the award has not changed, this should not be a lengthy process. We are hoping to have this done by end April. Therefore, the new revised award should be available to centres by early May.

The review of the NC is also progressing steadily. Most of the units have been written and validated, so, as with the NPA units, they should be available via the SQA website soon. With regard to the group award, we will be making changes to the structure. Therefore, the validation of the NC will require a validation event. This is a somewhat lengthier process and, as a result, we do not anticipate the NC award being ready for delivery until end May.

For further information on these reviews, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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