NPA Digital Literacy is validated

I came into good news this morning — the NPA Digital Literacy at SCQF Level 3 has now been validated. A number of conditions and recommendations were placed on it at the recent validation event, but these have now been addressed. This (almost) brings to a conclusion a development that commenced last February. The final stage is to “operationalise” the qualification (code it, put it on the website, add it to our database, etc.) so that centres can register candidates for it. That won’t take long (normally, a week or two).

I’m pleased about how this award has turned out. I think that it’s more relevant and attractive than the previous version. It’s a simple, basic introduction to computing, social media and the Internet. I hope that you consider offering it to your learners. The component units (there are three) have been available for a few weeks. You may want to consider offering these units on a stand-alone basis since they deliver essential basic skills. This revised qualification will replace the original award that was introduced in 2007. This qualification will be supported by Assessment Support Packs, which are in development.

You can read the qualification FAQ or contact Helen for more information. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the development, either as part of the Development Team or the Validation Panel.

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