NPA Data Science validation event

The validation event for NPA Data Science took place yesterday. I’m pleased to let you know that it went well.

The purpose of validation is to permit an independent group of experts to scrutinise a proposed qualification. Yesterday’s panel included representatives of universities (St Andrew’s), colleges (North Lanarkshire), schools (Dumfries & Galloway Council), national organisations (DataLab) and employers (Skills Development Scotland).

The development team and panel had positive discussions about the qualification. The panel was enthusiastic about the qualification, and one of the conditions related to making it more attractive to a wider range of learners — something that we’re happy to do. We also have some work to do to finalise the component units, which we will do over the next couple of weeks. The validation event is a milestone in the development of a new qualification so, now it’s over, we can focus on making the award available to centres.

The required changes won’t take long to carry out so I hope to have the new suite of qualifications validated by June and available to centres from August. I know that some centres plan to offer this qualification next session so we’ll make sure that everything is available before then. In the meantime, you could read the qualification FAQ.

Please contact Lorraine if you want to know more about this qualification.

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