NPA Data Science update

We’re making a lot of progress with this qualification. We now have a draft qualification structure, and unit writers (and vetters) have now been selected.

Although the structure isn’t finalised (yet), the final form of the award won’t be a million miles away from this. Most of the debate has been around the options, so we’ve taken a belt-and-braces approach and included all of the ideas that were being discussed. I’m fairly confident that the mandatory units will survive (at least until validation). I like the approach that the QDT has taken, with a “hard core” unit (Data Science) and a softer, more social unit (Data Citizenship). These units, I think, will also make attractive stand-alone units. Unit writing training takes place in early December and, after that, it’s full steam ahead.

I’m beginning to get enquiries about the likely availability of this new qualification. I hope to validate the award in Spring (March/April) next year and have it available to centres from 1 August. I know some schools have already expressed an interest in offering it next session and, rest assured, that it will be available by that time.

Please contact Lorraine if you want to know more about this development.


[…] my last post about this development, we’ve made a lot of progress. Unit writers (and vetters) have been […]


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