NPA Computer Networks – Update

The revision of the NPA Computer Networks is now underway. As stated in an earlier post, this will be a relatively quick development.

The three component units are being revised and should be finalised by mid-August. A writer and vetter have already been allocated to this job. The units being revised are:

Computing: Install and Maintain Hardware (F1KF 11)

Computing: Install and Maintain Software (F1KP 11)

Computing: Computer Networking Fundamentals (F1KH 11)

Once the units are finalised, the award will be validated by an SQA Officer and, subsequently, new assessments will be produced in order to match the revised units.

The revised NPA Computer Networks should be available to centres by January 2021. If you require further information about this development or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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