New team responsibilities

I recently posted about imminent team changes. This is Emma’s last day, before she stop for maternity leave. Emma will return in Autumn next year.

I’ve updated the team organisation chart so that you know who is responsible for what. We’ve went back to a simple division of work. Lorraine will take responsibility for non-advanced qualifications (such as NPAs, National Certificates, etc.) and SVQ/CBQs, and Caitlin will take responsibility for advanced qualifications (such as HNCs and PDAs). You might want to download and print the diagram so that you know who (and how) to contact.

Caitlin is already in place and Lorraine will join the team early next month. It will take the new team a little time to settle, so please be patient during this transitional period. You can contact Lorraine at and Caitlin at If you’re not sure who to contact, use and one of us will get back to you.

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