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The NC Computer Games Development was validated last Friday. For more information, please read the recent post on our blog regarding this validation event.

We are now looking for volunteers to write the ASPs for the new/revised units. We will be developing ASPs for the following units:

Code   Unit title  SCQF Level  Credit value  New/ Rev.  Mand./ Opt. 
HY2F 45 Gameplay 5 6 Rev. M
HY2D 45 Computer Games: Portfolio  5 6 New M
HY2D 46 Computer Games: Portfolio 6 6 New O
HY2C 44 Computer Programming  4 6 New O
HY2C 45 Computer Programming 5 6 New M
HY2C 46 Computer Programming 6 6 New M
HY95 45 Computer Games: Mathematics  5 6 New O
HY95 46 Computer Games: Mathematics  6 6 New O

We normally only develop ASPs for mandatory units. However, you will notice that we are also developing some ASPs for optional units. The reason for this is that some of the optional units (ie Mathematics) are an entirely new approach, so we would like to encourage centres to deliver them by providing as much support as we can. We have also decided to develop ASPs where it is a suite of units and one (or more) are mandatory.

I have added links to all of the unit specifications, should you wish to take a look at them. If you’d be interested in writing and/or vetting an ASP for any of the above units, please register your interest by Friday, 18th May via the link below:

NC ASPs – Register of Interest

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

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