NC and NPA Computer Games Development

We’ve had a busy week, kicking off a number of developments. In addition to the NPAs that I recently mentioned, me and Emma also met with the consultants responsible for scoping NC Computer Games Development and NPA Computer Games Development. This means that, at this time, we have commenced the review of the following non-advanced awards:

  • NPA Computer Games Development (SCQF Levels 4, 5 and 6)
  • NC Computer Games Development (SCQF Levels 5 and 6)
  • NPA Software Development (SCQF Level 4)
  • NPA Digital Media Basics (SCQF Level 4)
  • NPA Digital Media Editing (SCQF Level 5)
  • NPA Web Design Fundamentals (SCQF Level 5).

Some of these awards are very popular. For example over 1000 school pupils currently undertake the NPA Computer Games Development, which was first introduced in 2010 and was the first qualification of its kind in the UK.

In fact, we’re only “scoping” these developments – which means sizing-up the changes that will, most likely, be necessary. We don’t actually develop anything during scoping but, if and when we do, the worked carried out at this time will be invaluable.

All of these scoping projects will be completed by the end of April and, if we proceed to development, the revised awards will be ready six or twelve months later (depending on the scale of the development).

Please contact Emma for more information about any of these qualifications.

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