Lead Person Network refresh

I mentioned my intention to review the Lead Person Network (LPN) at the recent Computing Conference. The LPN was established in 2014, with the intention of having a point of contact in each of the new, merged colleges. The idea was to have a single point of contact, through which we could communicate with colleges and get feedback on qualifications and support materials. The Lead Person in each college was meant to cascade information to colleagues and act as a conduit between SQA and Computing staff in their college.

It’s had mixed success. It seems to work well in some colleges but not so well in others. In casual conversations with college staff, I’ve discovered that some lecturers don’t know about the LPN and have no idea who their Lead Person is. So, it’s time for a reboot. Caitlin is going to lead the review of the LPN, starting with a review of membership. Me and my team will also do our part to refresh the network — we were inconsistent in our use of it (sometimes using it and sometimes not). Caitlin will check that we have got someone from every college, check that it’s the right person and that that person wants to continue in the role, and clarify the role of the Lead Person. For our part, we will use the LPN more often and use it more consistently in future. We’re also considering ways of providing some concrete benefit to serving as the Lead Person.

The LPN doesn”t replace any of the existing channels of communication so we will continue to use blog, Twitter, e-groups and e-mail as normal. But the LPN potentially provides a way of getting quick feedback about things and, I think, it’s worth giving it another try. Please contact Caitlin if you want to know more about the Lead Person Network.

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